Case Studies

Case Study - Cirencester Parish Church

Cirencester Parish Church is an historic and beautiful church located in the heart of Cirencester, a market town in Gloucestershire, England. The church has been a place of worship for over 900 years and is a significant landmark in the town, attracting more than 150K visitors each year. To ensure the continued upkeep of the church, donations are essential. In recent years, the church has implemented several donation methods to make giving more accessible to visitors. The church has now added QR codes to their existing donation boxes and contactless terminals, leading to a significant increase in the number of donations received.

The traditional method of giving money to churches has been through cash donations. The church also has two contactless donation terminals in place to make it easier for visitors to give. However, with the rise of contactless and mobile payments, the church decided to introduce QR codes to complement its existing collection methods. The church added QR codes to their donation boxes and multiple sites inside the church, making it possible for visitors to donate quickly and easily using their mobile phones. The QR codes link to a secure payment page where visitors can choose the amount they wish to donate.

Implementing QR codes was a cost-effective solution for the church. Increasing the number of contactless donation terminals would have been more expensive, as each terminal requires additional hardware, software, and maintenance. By contrast, QR codes can be easily generated, printed on demand, and there is no additional hardware or software required.

Gift Aid can be claimed on all eligible donations, and the church are able to thank supporters by email and to remain in contact with those who have opted-in to receive updates.

The introduction of QR codes has proved very successful, with a significant increase in the number of donations received. The church has also increased the number of donation points around the building from 2 to more than 10, increasing visibility and making it easier for visitors to donate. The placement of QR codes vary from fixed donation points to printed matter such as brochures and the Visitors Guild guide book.

In conclusion, Cirencester Parish Church's introduction of QR codes to their existing donation methods has been a huge success. The cost-effective nature of the technology makes it a viable option for many other places of worship and charities looking to increase donations. With the rise of mobile payments and contactless technology, QR codes are a modern and effective way to collect donations.

"QR codes have proven to be an invaluable addition to our fundraising strategy, adding many more donation points within the church."

Hugo Kennard - Cirencester Parish Church